Game mechanics

Generalized game mechanics

FireCoins is an investment, gambling, online game. The players’ task is to keep the fire burning by betting.
Each bet will return a greater value to the player, if by this time the fire does not go out.

The ROI parameter determines the return percentage. The fire has a timer.
When the timer reaches zero the fire goes out and all bets cancel. Each bet increases the burning time by a certain value.

Participants receive income from each bet. The larger total bet player made the greater his income. With each bet fire’s parameters change: Growing ROI, minimum bet, timer and jackpot.

Timer step parameter decreases. Therefore - timer will grow up to a smaller and smaller value with each new bet.
This makes it easier for players to win the jackpot. The participant wins jackpot if he made the last bet, before the fire went out.
After fading, a new fire lights up with the standard initial parameters:

ROI = 110%
Minimum bet = 0.00001В
Timer step = 27 and a half minutes

Parameters of the fire and their mathematical formulas:

ROI – how many times your bet will be multiplied, if the fire does not go out.
This parameter increases by 10% for each 0.00001B in the jackpot. ROI = 110% Jackpot/0.00001В

Minimum bet – the minimum bet price in bitcoins. Minimum bet = Root (Jackpot/0.00001В)* 0.00001В

All bets – the total number of bitcoins thrown into the fire.

Jackpot – an amount of bitcoins, which will be won by the player, who made the last bet before the fire goes out.
10% of the bet comes in the jackpot. The first bet always comes to jackpot.
In all situations, when all ROI have been paid, the remainder of the bet also goes to the jackpot.

Fire up date – date, when the fire began to burn.

Timer step – how much the timer will grow from one minimum bet. Timer step = 1800/ROI * 100% seconds.

Timer – how long will the fire burn without bets. The timer is incremented by the value of "Timer step", when the minimum bet is thrown into the fire.
At a bet greater than the minimum, the timer grows to a value equal to Timer step * Bet / Minimum bet.

The mathematical formula for calculating income for the participant:

Profit = Bet * Gamer’s return / Total return;
Profit – player's income from any bet,
Bet – the bet of any other player,
Gamer’s return – The amount that will be earn by the player, if the fire does not go out.
Total return – The amount that will be earn by all players, if the fire does not go out.